Janet Enever is Professor of Language Teaching and Learning at Umeå University, Sweden and visiting Professor at the University of Reading, specialising in the fields of early foreign language learning, language globalisation and language policy. She holds a doctoral degree from Bristol University, UK in Primary Foreign Languages Policy and has worked at Universities in London, Krakow, Budapest, Umeå and Reading. She has advised on language policy, early language learning and teacher education for ministries in a number of Asian, Latin American and European countries. She is the series editor for the Multilingual Matters research series ‘Early Language Learning in School Contexts’ and coordinator for the AILA Research Network in Early Language Learning. Recent publications include: Early language learning: complexity and mixed methods (2017) (Co-edited with Eva Lindgren); Primary ELT: Issues and trends. In Hall, G. (ed.) Routledge Handbook of English Language Teaching (2016).


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