Jelena Kuvač Kraljević is an associate professor at the Department of Speech and Language Pathology, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation, University of Zagreb. She teaches courses in psycholinguistics, language disorders and speech pathology diagnostics at Undergraduate and Graduate Study of Speech and Language Pathology. She was a project manager of several scientific-research projects financed by various EU frames, thematically directed at processing and development of language of children and adults of normal and impaired language development. Based on empiric data collected in the projects she also transferred knowledge and technologies to the field of economy on several occasions (e-POTJEH - electronic screening test, computer programme for motivating and improving writing skills RAPUT, etc.) She also encouraged the running of the doctoral programme in the field of speech impairment, strongly contributing to its form and contents. Due to her scientific activities she was awarded a prize for the most successful scientist by the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation in 2015. She co-authored a scientific book, published 45 scientific and 13 professional papers in scientific publications and journals, and edited a professional book.

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