Language of Theatre Through Verse, Note and Movement

          An actor as an artist needs to perpetually nourish the inner child. Accordingly, one should strive to forever retain the childlike playfulness, and play in this context is an essential marking of theatrical expression. Language is the essential instrument in the actor's ongoing exploration and re-evaluation. In such context language endures and requires continuous care. The poetic fragments from the collection of poems by Mira Perić Kraljik Cross-Fade of Theatrical Beauty (2009) address the topics of childhood, play and playfulness, the art of language, characters, and the essence of being.

          The dramatic effect of the poems is enhanced by means of live vocal accompaniment through note and movement as illustrative and enriching of the poetic atmosphere. The guardian of language is the book and, therefore, numerous books will in a symbolic way round off the verse, note and movement on stage, while all these elements will represent the fragments of the language of theatre. Theatre is a medium that plays a significant role in the development of literacy.

Directing and text interpretation: Mira Perić Kraljik

Vocal accompaniment: Ivana Marinić

Performance info: Friday, December 1 2017, 19:00, Room 30 (Faculty of Education)



Graduated Acting in 1984 at the Academy of Dramatic Art, University of Zagreb. Played more than hundred important theatrical roles and gained the status of Leading Drama Theatre Actress. In addition to acting, she also directs and writes plays. In 2013 she directed her own dramatic text Hana and Hana at the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek. She played in TV dramas, soap operas, and was involved in the educational TV programme. In 2013 she celebrated 30 years of acting and received the award of the Croatian Association of Drama Artists (HDDU) for outstanding contribution to the Croatian theatre and the theatrical arts.

Since 1992 she has been teaching at the Faculty of Education, currently as full professor. She teaches Drama Education, Drama Games, Puppetry, and Puppetry Games. She published a number of professional and scientific papers. She is the author of the handbook Drama Games for Preschool Children (2009), two poetry collections Cross-Fade of Theatrical Beauty (2009) and Ego Twilight (2012), four dramas in the book Women in Parts (2012), the dramatization of Vladimir Nazor's White Deer (2012), as well as the monodrama Lioness's Revenge (2011). She is the head of the Department of Arts and the coordinator of many projects, drama and puppetry workshops. She is also the member of many theatre committees.

Mira Perić Kraljik holds a number of letters of commendation, awards and honours (in 2009 she got a public honour Golden Plaque “The City of Osijek Seal“ for special achievements in theatre culture and education)...

peric kraljik



Senior assistant at the Faculty of Education in Osijek, Department of Philology. Her basic research interest is figurative language and its relationship with cognition. Lately, she has become very interested in the language in and of education.

She worked as a teacher of English in primary school for 10 years, from 1998-2008. During that time, she attended numerous workshops whose aim was to promote equality, human and children rights and the usage of drama in teaching. She was a member of the Croatian team at the OECD project for the development of Education for children with special educational needs.

She has published articles dealing with figurative language, as well as a handbook for teachers Special Child (2007). She has written several short plays for children, three of which have been published in Croatian language textbooks Snaga riječi.

Music is a major part of her life, especially singing. She sang in a mixed choir for almost 20 years and since 2008 she has been the singer and manager of the vocal group Akvarel.



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